Well, THAT didn’t pan out!

Hahahaha…well, if you can’t laugh at yourself right?

This whole “rendering” lard thing is giving me a challenge. I have never even learned how to cook with lard, let alone how to make it.

I’m pretty sure I made plenty of mistakes this go around, not enough water, overcooked fat. Then there is the straining process. Man, respect to anyone who successfully rendered lard on their first go around.

After my 2 day battle with lard, I have decided a better idea is to establish my soap recipes with nice, clean, store bought lard. Then I will learn how to render it.

Good news is, the Pepper Jelly turned out fantastic! I made my first batch last weekend. It’s as close to my grandmothers as I think I can get…but she hasn’t tried it yet. That will be the final verdict.

Next weekend, moving on to pickling jalapenos. For the boyfriend, who can’t seem to get enough of them. He will probably be tackling this one as the primary, and I will just assist with the canning.

I bought an aloe plant. I’m pretty sure we gave it too much water. Of course, they didn’t have cactus soil at the store, so hopefully with all the sunshine, Mary will stabalize. 


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