House hunting my ass!

Its more like a fight to the finish. House wars. What the crap? I must have been dozing during the “boom” in the last year. 

I spent my days by the pool drinking copious amounts of alcohol…all the while the market was recovering. a somewhat nasty 12% price increase across the board. Don’t quote me on that…I just read that somewhere.

There are very few houses in my set and decided price range.  A range. ..we set with the intention of cutting our housing cost in half. Oh sure…people are broke. Oh sure. ..people are struggling.  Oh sure…banks are overwhelmed with foreclosures. MY ASS!

Out of 19 pages of listings. ..with basic bedrooms and price stuff…maybe about 4 houses don’t already have pending offers…and maybe two of those are actually livable.

Seriously.  Where is all this money coming from?  They have to be working right? Amd paying their bills on time right? AND habe cash for closing get a loan.

So where is it coming from?

I’m pissed.


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