Lets try this again…

For real this time!

Hahaha. Yes,  our govt sucks at management. I still cannot believe anyone would want them running healthcare and insurance.  Think…DMV, USPS (before we nearly made them obsolete with fax and email) and IRS. 

Yep. No one ever wants to deal with those places…..


Lets try this again. Same house…same deal…but nearly 5000 less.

Uh….ok sure. I dont mind paying less than I thought for this house…but why the hell make us jump through hoops…do it all over again… only to pay less. Why not just let us resubmit the offer for what you ‘require’ dumbasses.

I know why. Because they wanted that extra dough…and in cash and figured they would take their chances on some other sucker doing the same thing…and having the extra cash on hand! But why would someone pay that much extra for a hud home that needs work before moving into? I wouldn’t.

Ugh. So yeah…we are good. And hopefully in 45 days…we will be moving into our super awesome house.

Completely unrelated…the temps are FINALLY above 20° and the kid is back in school.


Taco soup for dinner today…..man I love Mexican food!


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