The Water is on!

The Water is on!

What started as a simple leak…..

Has become….a four day leak chase repair adventure.

We knew there might be problems. We hoped there wouldnt…but here we are.

Have to open it up a little more...
Have to open it up a little more…

Growing by the minute
Growing by the minute

BUT WAIT! Its growing because…

No access panel?
Finding another leak

And tell me again why a builder would install a monster of a jacuzzi tub and NOT create an access panel to the faucets etc? No clue…but we will have one now. And a New Remodeled bathroom sooner rather than later!

Good news is…ALL the leaks have been found, repaired and completed. Wasps are out of the fireplace, Water heater in, all utilities on, temporary light fixtures in, Most of the walls prepped and repaired (not ceilings mind you) and cleaning is well on the way.

And all this, in less than a week since closing. We have been busy little bees. And I tell you…at 40 yrs old…you can really feel it!

More pics to come soon…now that we have LIGHT!


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