What a huge difference!


Carpets cleaned today!  I was so nervous…thinking we were not going to be able to save them. But WOW! We may actually get another year or two out of them. Thanks to Dan @ A-Dan’s steam cleaning..


I am in awe. And so relieved.  Things are starting to look like home. And feel one hundred times better!


We arent finished yet…and may never be. But we are down to the “okay to move in” stage. Obviously there are some touch ups here and there. And weekend projects to come..but we should be moving in within 2 weeks! Woohoo. Go us.

I have more pics…but havent had a chance to sit down and make the side by side comparisons. Will post those eventually.

With the carpet clean and drying…im going to enjoy a little down time on my off down..and clean the apt and start packing!