The battle of the ants

So…we continue the ant battle. And have learned about ants. Carpenter ants specifically.  Apparently these guys are the mother of all ants to get rid of and smart as hell. Strategists really.

And of course…I screwed up…and sprayed their little ant trail (one of them) okay..maybe quite a few of them. And now…these little hulk ants have scattered and spread out all over the damn place.

We killed home tree. We took down a huge oak tree that had about a four or five foot section …that was all carpenter ant nest. I like to call it “home tree” just because I thought that was the primary nest. Im starting to think I was wrong.

I read somewhere online that these guys can have nest up to…oh…30,000 ants. I pretty sure we just killed prob 10,000….but we have a long way to go. Im sure getting rid of the rotted open areas of wood would help..but we have to do the roof first.

I have to admit…the terro ant bait stations did what the pest control guy couldn’t. You can check out our fb fpr the ant video…WordPress wont let t upload here. That was to get rid of the nest in the wall. The nest that I could hear. The constant munching. Grrrr





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