Please just finish already!

So..I have just about ran the course of my patience.  Im ready for this roof to be finished..and for the porch to be put back together.  It has been consuming all of our time for close to 6 weeks now. And the roof will soon be pushing a week. 

The shingles look GREAT! But this totally unacceptable.  It looks like shit. I am so disappointed with the workmanship.  And im to the point, that when they show up ready to forego the metal…take that shit off my house. .credit me back the 2000 this crap was costing and just put shingles up.


We will see how it plays out this morning.  I am exhausted and sick amd just ready to be done with it. 

I hate to have to have this conversation this morning. This roof should be finished. And seeing how the shingle crew worked from sun up to sun down to complete their job..and seeing this metal crew work for a few hours and toss some second rate looking shit up there…is just pissing me off.


The cuts are uneven. .the metal guy has already damaged the shingles. The cap is bent and there are gaps in the end. Please tell me this is not nearly finished and if its not…why the hell did you only work four hours yesterday?



Jimmy getting ready for roofers



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