Bathroom Remodel Poll

Help us out! We need to redo the bathroom and aren’t sure whether to have one sink or two in the master bathroom!




  1. We have two sinks and little counter space, and I wish it were the other way around. Fact is, we RARELY both want to use the sink at the exact same time, so why have two?

    The question to ask yourselves is how often you would find yourselves fighting over use of the sink. That will give you your answer.


    • HI

      Thank you!

      That is what we have now, and I don’t think arguing over the sinks would ever be a problem. My big question would be as far as resale value. Most people seem to WANT to sinks but I think its crazy when there is NO counter space.


      • FWIW, we are trying to sell our old house now and we get feedback from the realtors. No one has complained that the master bath there has only one sink. They complain about the small kitchen, the fact that the house is on a corner, and the power lines behind the house.

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