After your 4th fall down the stairs

I’m sure everyone wonders…”ok, I’ve slipped on the stairs again, now wth?” Sure.

I’m sure they do. Because really, who else makes a hobby of falling down stairs.

I feel like I have had some practice with this. Being..somewhere around the 4th time in as many years.

This time, today, I was leaving work. You know..woohoo its Friday I’m done kiss my ass, see u next week sometime.

Well..lucky for me my ne position is on the 2nd floor of a 3 floor building.

Whe. You are distracted, and trying to wrap things up, I completely suggest catching up on texts and phone while walking down the stairs. To leave.

Literally just typed….call you in a min to one person. Rounded the flight of stars to the platform..busted fucking ass. Overstepped (I beleive) my step and my right footrolled, leaving the left side of my body to fall and take the brunt of the hit. Meanehile my right “stepping knee” completely twisted in ways that I’m sure I javemt seen since I was 20. Maybe since i was 14 and that ATV accident thing happened.

Somehow I managed to fall to a stop on three steps. Seeing my knee made me put forth some effort. Then I take stock. Oh, did something fall?did someone see? And can i recover without medical intervention. No, no ,and yes. All good.

And still for the entire trip (1hr) I wonder wtf just happened.

My right foot overstepped, and my shoe soles rocked and slid the rest of the way, while the left side of my body went into panic mode.

6 hours later, I can feel EXACTLY what happened. And the fear of what’s to come is way worse than what I feel post fall. Its bullshit. I’m thinking..nope. I’m pretty sure I will hurt tommorow. That was 2 hrs. 4 hours..I’m fairly certain this one drink cant male of for the “in pretty sure I hit myself good”

Then 6hrs later, my left left is like “here. And here. Ans wait, some right here.” “I have fucked myself up and wont be able to walk tommorow. 8 hrs ish, 3 drinks to the wind, 2uscle relaxers and nerve pull and I’m still thinking..this cannot protect me. Now arl is aching and o wont be able to fucking walk tommorow.

Awesome. Super. Lovely start to the weekend.

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