About Pure Purrfections

Welcome to our blog.

Pure Purrfections started out as a soap company in 2007. After making handmade soap for years, I decided to grow and expand my skills and influence. In 2012, Pure Purrfections was well on the way to becoming a thriving business, even had soap placement in the local GNC stores. But after the economy went kaput, and not working full time and focusing all of my efforts on soapmaking, something had to give.

I decided to downgrade soapmaking back to a hobby, and here we are. I decided to keep my website purepurrfections.com because so much effort and work went into promoting the site, I just couldn’t give it up. The original website and blog were removed, and purepurrfections.com stayed in limbo for about a year while I returned to work full time, and sold my home which I was severely taking a loss on.

Now, I have settled into a fantastic full time job, and a maintenance free apartment. Never one to sit still for long, and with growing concerns over the economy and events that have left people without power for weeks…I felt the need to return back to basics.

I still make soap. Pure Purrfections soap was all natural vegan soap. But, I realized in a SHTF, emergency situation..my perfected and known recipes may be useless. If all my ingredients weren’t available, I could not make soap. Useless knowledge really.

Between preparing to ride out the storm, the rising costs of EVERYTHING in the economy and my growing need to learn something new, I have decided to start homesteading from my urban 2 bedroom apt. HAHAHA. And so far….it has been quite an enlightening experience.

With the help of my “domestic partner” aka boyfriend, and his thirst for knowledge and the feeling of needing to be prepared, we are taking this adventure on together.

What is to come remains to be seen…

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